Premium Spring and Pure



Active Original 100% pure Australian water with a crisp and clean taste, Active Original is the go-to choice for everyday hydration.


Active Sports Now in a convenient pump bottle, Active Sports makes it easier to stay hydrated while on the move.


Kingfisher Natural Spring Water Refreshing water extracted from deep within the Eastern Australian mountains.


Kingfisher Natural Spring Water is bottled at the source, delivering an authentic premium drinking experience.


Mount Everest Invigorating and always fresh, Mount Everest water is high on quality and taste.


Premium Water


Our premises are HACCP certified with continuous update of the finest equipment to produce our premium products.

Active Premium Beverages is considered as one the leading suppliers of 100% Australian Owned of bottled drinking water products in New South Wales with variety of finest quality of drinking water including our own brands and private labels. 


Personalised bottled water is a proven way to increase your professional image and Business.
Bottled water is a cost effective form of promotional advertising. We use the best quality and purest water in our water bottles, making them a healthy and cost effective form of marketing.
Having a Custom Labelled Water Bottle adds a unique selling opportunity to what would otherwise amount to “just another water bottle”.
Each bottle you serve to a customer will be personalised with a custom label that is unique to your company. Promote your company and gain exposure with Promotional Bottled Water.